Car Rental FAQs - Wallan Rent a Car

About Us

  • Why should I choose Wallan from other to rent a car in Saudi?

    As we know Wallan Trading Company, the official distributor of Hyundai and Geely in Saudi Arabia’s, and due to that a car rental company was established to cover the need and demand of car rental in the kingdom. We provide all the necessary car rental services for people who want to rent cars. We offer a selected type of cars and trucks for rent and provide transportation for a variety of needs, from work to family vacations. Wallan Rent a Car offers a variety of cars to suit your needs, from compact cars to luxury cars. They are the newest, safest, and most reliable rental cars. Wallan Rent a Car has a wide range of cars to suit every traveler's needs.

  • What happens if the car is damage during the rental period?

    In all cases, when you rent a car from AL-Wallan Trading Company, you are responsible for any and all loss or damage to the car resulting from any cause, including but not limited to, collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, fire, flood, hail or other acts of nature or God, regardless of fault.

  • I would like to keep my rental vehicle for a few days longer; is that possible?

    Yes. By contacting via phone or email to your renting location in order to request a rental extension. A confirmation of all amendments, including your updated rental cost, will be submitted to you via email.

  • Can I smoke in the car?

    No. Smoking in all of our rental vehicles is prohibited under all circumstances.

  • What do I do if I had an accident using a rented car form Wallan Rent a Car?

    As mentioned earlier renter is responsible for providing a police or Najm report, call the rental location and Emergency Roadside Assistance if the vehicle is not drivable.